Is ‘Captain Arsenal’ a real thing? If so, it’s incredibly embarrassing for the Gunners [Tweets]

Introducing ‘Captain Arsenal’

Surely this isn’t a real thing, right?

Or, if it is, will we (hopefully) see Gunnersaurus eating this man live on the Emirates pitch?!

A set of pictures went viral on Sunday in the build-up to Arsenal’s Premier League match with Bournemouth.

According to the rumours on social media, Arsenal seem to have employed a new man as a character at their ground, who has been dubbed ‘Captain Arsenal’.

The pictures do seem real

While the images don’t seem to be photoshopped, it’s unclear where they have surfaced from.

Moreover, Arsenal has made no official comment on ‘Captain Arsenal’, which is surely a red flag that something isn’t quite right here.

Nevertheless, as is the way of the modern world, the authenticity of ‘Captain Arsenal’ hasn’t stopped football fans ripping into the supposed new Gunners mascot.

Enjoy the tweets below.