Neymar Builds Ultimate Footballer by Using One Quality From Each of His Favourite Players

t’s unlikely we’ll ever get to see the perfect footballer. And as much as many of you would like it to be Lionel Messi, even he is imperfect. The guy can’t dress to save his life!

Just look at his Ballon d’Or suit(s).


The sport has given us many greats, but none of them have been on point in every regard. Pele, Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Ronaldo, the other Ronaldo and Ronaldinho have all fallen short somewhere, but if you could combine one aspect of their game – as well as social grace – you might be able to build the perfect player.

Neymar has given his version of the ultimate footballer, and speaking to CNN, the Brazilian added himself to the mix, while singling out his countrymen Ronaldo, Romario, Ronaldinho and Dani Alves as well.

Here’s his list below.

Acceleration: Ronaldo Nazário


First touch: Romario

FUSSBALL: Nationalmannschaft BRASILIEN Miami, 03.02.98

Skill: Leo Messi


Strength: Ronaldo Nazário

Brazilian midfielder Rivaldo (#10)and Roberto Carl

Vision: Ronaldinho


Sense of humour: Dani Alves


Fashion sense: Dani Alves


Personality: Andrés Iniesta


Haircut: Neymar!