Carlo Ancelotti Lifts Lid on the Time He Risked Zlatan’s Wrath After Kicking a Box at His Head

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has built a fearsome reputation over the years as someone who is not to be messed with.

So in 2013 when Carlo Ancelotti kicked a box across the Paris Saint-Germain dressing room during a rare fit of rage and it accidentally struck the Swede on the head, he may have been fearing the worst.

Ancelotti was furious after a shock Coupe de France exit at the hands of Evian, taking out his anger on the nearest inanimate object.


And just as when Sir Alex Ferguson kicked a pile of laundry in the Manchester United dressing room in 2003 and a stray boot whacked David Beckham above the eye, Ancelotti’s box also hit a player – probably the one he would least have wanted to.

But while a sulking Beckham adopted a new hairstyle to make sure his ‘injuries’ were clearly visible, Zlatan took it surprisingly well.


“Zlatan Ibrahimovic helped me a lot, despite the reputation he has,” recalled of his time at PSG in an interview with AS.

“I remember that one day I got really angry with the team – not [just] with him – and I kicked a box in the dressing room that hit him on the head. Despite his temperament, he knew it wasn’t on purpose and didn’t come after me [laughs].”

Speaking to FourFourTwo in August, Ancelotti had also said, “Ibra is really funny, but he is also extremely professional. A manager wants that ego in a player. Ibra uses his ego for good: he has individual talent, but he plays for the team. Cristiano Ronaldo is just the same.”