Neymar picks 1 player at Real Madrid to join him at Barcelona (video)

Neymar opens up to CNN

Brazilian superstar Neymar has given a lengthy interview to CNN.

Neymar touches on a wide range of topics and comes across as grounded and thoughtful with many of his answers.

The Barcelona superstar talks about his style of play and says “many people don’t like my style of play”.

Somebody surely needs to tell Neymar that a large majority of football fans do love to see his tricks, skills and feints and that is what separates him from the best.

Neymar on Messi

The Brazilian attacker also has some very kind words for Leo Messi, as he explains how the Argentine helped him to settle at Barcelona when times were tough.

Neymar also discusses Barcelona’s feared front line trio of Neymar, Messi and Luis Suarez.

Plus, he then compares the MSN with the BBC but keeps it all pretty diplomatic.

If you could play with 1 Real Madrid player at Barcelona?

The undoubted highlight of Neymar’s interview is when he is asked which Real Madrid player he would like to see join Barcelona.

Whilst you might think Neymar would go for Cristiano Ronaldo, instead he plumps for Marcelo “because he is my friend”.


In the final part of the interview Neymar discusses his future.