(VIDEO) Opponent begs Neymar not to destroy him during charity match

Trying to contain Neymar for 90 minutes must surely be every defender’s worst nightmare.

The Brazilian superstar is unquestionably one of the most – if not *the* most – skillful footballers on the planet.

He’s terrorised full-backs throughout his career and made no exception when he went head-to-head with Fred Desimpedidos during a charity match for Chapecoense on Thursday night.

The match was contested between a Neymar XI and a Robinho XI and the Barcelona star’s team ran out 13-9 winners.

However, rather than any of the 22 goals, the undoubted highlight of the match came during stoppage time at the end of the first half.

Neymar’s XI were already leading 7-4 when defender Fred kneeled down and begged the Brazilian forward not to destroy him for the umpteenth time.

Neymar reacted by indicating that he’d spare his opponent further embarrassment, only to then rinse him with another piece of individual magic.

Too cheeky!

Here’s another angle…