VIDEO: Juventus Manager Massimiliano Allegri Goes Nuts at Club Directors After Loss to AC Milan

Losing a final is never easy to take for anyone involved, but especially for the manager. You’ve worked all week in preparation to lift the trophy, and when it doesn’t go your way, you can probably be afforded to be upset afterwards.

But sometimes, it can all get a little too much, as shown by Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri, who showed his angry side after a tense Supercoppa final loss to rivals AC Milan.

AC Milan v Juventus FC - 2016 Italian Super Cup

Giorgio Chiellini’s early goal capped a period of Bianconeri dominance, but Giacomo Bonaventura equalised and after extra time it was decided in a penalty shoot-out.

During the closing ceremony when all eyes were on the winning team, a fan in the stands recorded a video of Allegri visibly furious as he confronted directors Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paretic.

He was waving his arms and shouting, seemingly pointing out towards the pitch where the players had received their runner-up medals, with today’s newspapers claim Allegri used the phrase: “I’d give them all a good kicking.”

This was supported by his comments in the post-match press conference: “I am still very angry at what happened, because when you play in a Final, what’s important is what you do on the pitch, those who come off the bench and above all the way you read the game,” said Allegri.

“It’s true we have played 27 matches since the start of the season, but we needed to play in a different way, with more focus on defending as a team. I mean that as a unit, not in terms of the defenders, because they did very well.”