PHOTOS: Everton Fan Left Feeling Blue After Glaring Error on Christmas Gift

Christmas Day has come and gone for another year, and football fans across the globe have no doubt enjoyed receiving gifts associated with their beloved club.

That is, unless, you were one particular Everton fan who made a startling discovery upon opening his present on the big day.

Will, a Toffees supporter, was delighted to be given a new Everton shirt with ‘Barkley 8’ adorning the back of it – until he noticed a very slight, glaring error concerning the number:

Yes, that is, in fact, Manchester United’s crest and shirt number design bolted onto the back of the shirt there.

Clearly disgruntled, Will took to Twitter to express his annoyance, and fellow Evertonians – clearly fed up of listening to their own families bicker for the umpteenth time that day – replied en masse to the less-than-impressed Blue:

Thankfully, this story has something of a Christmas miracle ending to it; after being inundated with complaints from Will’s fellow Evertonians about the issue, Everton’s current retail partner Kitbag offered to make it up to Will regarding the obvious error:

A great gesture during the season of goodwill. Merry Christmas, Will!