A Starting XI of Players You Wouldn’t Mind Dating Your Daughter

Footballers don’t exactly make the ideal son-in-laws, but for every Joey Barton or Mario Balotelli, there are also some decent, honest guys out there.

Here is a starting XI of footballers, in a 4-2-3-1 formation, that you wouldn’t mind dating your daughter.

1. Gianluigi Buffon

Sevilla FC v Juventus - UEFA Champions League

Arguably the greatest goalkeeper in the history of the game, it would be hard not to embrace the Juventus skipper if he were to walk through the doors of your home whilst holding your daughter’s hand.

Aside from his talents between the sticks, the Italian international also proved his loyalty and integrity by sticking with the Old Lady even when they were relegated from Serie A.

2. Dani Alves

Brazil v Argentina - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Qualifier

Now a teammate of Buffon in Turin, Alves spent close to a decade at Barcelona where he established himself as the world’s best right back. Despite his bad boy, tattooed exterior, the Brazilian is in fact a sensitive soul at heart.

The 33-year-old was appointed a Special Olympics Ambassador ahead of last summer’s games in his native Brazil as a result of his dedication to promoting the Global Football program.

3. Vincent Kompany

Swansea City v Manchester City - EFL Cup Third Round

The Manchester City captain has barely seen much playing time as a result of his injury problems, but he remains one of the most ideal candidates to date your daughter.

Despite hailing from Belgium, Kompany has adopted Manchester as his home to such an extent that he married a local Man City fan. In terms of a dedicated son-in-law, there aren’t much better ones than Vinny.

4. Gerard Pique

FC Barcelona v Celtic FC - UEFA Champions League

One of the most likable figures in the game. Pique is not the apprentice anymore at Barcelona and has done well to step into the shoes left by Carles Puyol at the back for the Catalan side.

Always seen to be joking on the training ground, the Spanish international would make the perfect partner to your daughter and will always be entertaining round the family dinner table.

5. Cesar Azpilicueta

Chelsea v Burnley - Premier League

An important trait to look for in the guy that is dating your daughter is dependability and Cesar Azpilicueta has it in bucket loads.

The Chelsea full back is always on hand to do the job when needed, no matter where he plays, and for a team that is full of troublemakers – like compatriot Diego Costa – ‘Dave’ simply never finds himself in trouble.

6. Paul Pogba

Manchester United v Burnley - Premier League

Yes he is flashy and yes he likes to dab, but when you think about it honestly, there is actually nothing not to like about the world’s most expensive footballer of all time and secretly you would love him to be a member of the family.

The Manchester United midfielder has big ambitions and when paired with your daughter, he will only take her to the very top.

7. Andres Iniesta

Sevilla FC vs FC Barcelona - Spanish Super Cup Final 1st Leg

For those familiar with Spain’s 2010 World Cup win, Iniesta’s tournament winning goal epitomised the heart that the midfielder had, considering the season-ending injury he suffered that year.

Undoubtedly one of the most honest footballers still playing the game, Iniesta would be the ideal man to take care of your pride and joy.

8. Philippe Coutinho


The anguish in which Philippe Coutinho was stretchered off the pitch following his injury only goes to show how passionate the Brazilian is for the things that matter most to him in life.

If the Liverpool playmaker were to feel the same way about your daughter, then you would have no worries about her happiness. His innocent look is matched by his boyish charms and he would make a great son-in-law.

9. David Silva

Manchester City v Everton - Premier League

There must be something in the water in Spain, as yet another member of the national squad makes it into our starting XI of players you would be happy to see dating your daughter.

The Manchester City playmaker is another of those who lets his feet do the talking and is rarely involved in any controversy. He is the kind of guy who does what he is told and does it very well, which is pretty much the dream of every father-in-law.

10. Francesco Totti

AS Roma v UC Sampdoria - Serie A

Passion, check. Principles, check. Outstanding qualities, check. Roma icon Francesco Totti will forever go down as one of the legends: not just of Italian football and the Serie A, but of the entire game.

As a son-in-law, the 40-year-old will stick by your daughter no matter what, rejecting offers to date other more attractive women and advertising his love for your family at every opportunity possible.

11. Antoine Griezmann


The new darling of the French national team and La Liga too, Griezmann is slowly establishing himself as one of the world’s most dangerous strikers, yet he also manages to maintain a respectable image despite his newfound stardom.

Atletico Madrid fans treat him like an adopted son and that’s exactly the kind of adoration that you will feel if he is to ever be your daughter’s new romantic interest.