VIDEO: Striker Appears to Turn to Witchcraft in Order to Find the Net During Rwandan League Match

There are some pretty weird old superstitions in football that make you wonder whether some people have lost a few brain cells whilst heading the ball.

But if you aren’t a believer in all this ritual stuff, then you’ll have a hard time to find a flaw in this story that has come out of Rwanda.

Rayon Sport striker Moussa Camara was left to curse his profligacy, when he wasted a glorious chance by placing a close range header against the crossbar.

With his team trailing 1-0 and seemingly down on luck, Camara appeared to turn to witchcraft (as you do) when he randomly raced over to the opposition goal and placed an object down by one of the posts.

Having caught onto what was taking place, Mukura Victory’s goalkeeper quickly ran over to protest at Camara’s apparent attempts at witchcraft and after chasing him away like a kid in a playground, the striker was eventually handed a yellow card by the referee.

Whilst many would probably laugh at the whole tale, things took an even weirder turn when Camara then headed in an equaliser just moments after he was booked for attempting witchcraft.

Since the incident, the Rwandan Premier League have had to introduce rules that prohibit the use of witchcraft during all matches as it gives players an ‘unfair advantage’.

Magic or coincidence? We’ll let you decide…