Chelsea Boss Antonio Conte Reveals Admiration for ‘Monsters’ Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has expressed his desire to replicate the achievements of long-serving managers Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger.

The 47-years-old Italian coach’s managerial career began ten years ago with Arezzo, and he has revealed his aim to continue for at least another decade. But he admitted it will be difficult to replicate the longevity of ‘monsters’ Ferguson and Wenger.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Fergu

“Sir Alex Ferguson is a good example for me,” Conte said, quoted in the Mirror. “When I see him, but also when I see Arsene, they are a big example for me.

“I hope to have not completely their career, but 10 years, yes. It’s enough for me. Twenty more years? Now I’m 47. I prefer that my wife doesn’t listen to this, but this is our life. Football is our life, with this ­pressure, with all.

“Football is our life and it’s right to continue to live in football. In the moment that football is not in our life, I think probably we die.”

Conte also backed Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, who recently claimed: “The process of my goodbye has already started.”


“I have great respect for Pep and when you have a method, when you have a philosophy of football, an idea you want to bring in every team you manage, you spend a lot of energy,” Conte added.

“Sometimes it can happen that you are a bit tired, more tired, in some periods. Above all when you were a ­footballer and you spent your life 20 years in the game and then quickly you became a manager.

“You spend a lot of energy. But not just physical energy, also mental energy. In some moments it can happen to think this. I’m sure that Pep wants to continue for a lot of time. Pep’s work is fantastic.”