The Reason Why Pique Has One Real Madrid Shirt In His Home

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Barcelona’s centre-back, Gerard Pique hates Real Madrid with passion.

The former Manchester United man, who is a born and bred Catalan with family members on the Barcelona board, has made no secret of his feelings towards Real Madrid over the years, often taking it to the social media to post against them.

Despite all of that, it has come to light that there is a ‘Los Blancos’ shirt in his home.

Former teammates at Manchester United, now rivals

Daniele Ospina, wife of Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez and also the sister of Arsenal’s David Ospina has shared a story of her meeting Pique’s wife, Shakira.

Speaking to the Don Juan magazine, she told the story of how she and her daughter, Salome meet Shakira and his son, Milan in the streets of Barcelona.

“Once in Barcelona, I met Shakira and her children, Salomé was happy because she’s megafan of her, and so am I! Haha!

“Shakira, in a second, said to Milan: ‘Look, she’s the daughter of James!’ And Milan said: ‘I have the James 10 shirt!’”

Well it seems like this will get Pique into some hot water…

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