(WATCH) Chelsea’s David Luiz Splashes Out £1.1m on Luxurious Gifts for Fellow Teammates After Title Win

Chelsea have already sealed the Premier League title this season still having one game to play and Brazilian defender David Luiz didn’t waste any time celebrating after he gave each player a luxury bracelet with special abilities.

Luiz, known for his eccentric personality on and off the field, forked out £1.1m of his own earnings to surprise his fellow Chelsea teammates with bracelets but the Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was given the greatest of all. The Russian’s bracelet was forged from a 4.9 billion-year-old meteorite.

Chelsea v Hull City - Premier League

Each bracelet is engraved with the initials of the player and also their shirt number. The expensive wrist wear, said to cost around £38k each, has the power to open wine cellars, car doors and also vaults.

Luiz is thought to have linked his bracelet to his top-of-the-range Mercedes and the other players will surely be doing something similar.

However, Roman Abramovich, with his meteor-made bracelet, will have much more to choose from with a private helicopter and his 533ft super-yacht available.

Senturion Director of Communications Ayla Varquin explained, according to the ​Sun, that the makers don’t usually personalise the bracelets but in this case they had to make an exception.

He said: “It was very generous of David to commission special Senturion pieces for his team-mates and while normally we produce editions of only seven pieces, in this case it was our pleasure to create a custom edition of 30 for his Chelsea teammates.”