7 attacking trios who have scored 100+ goals in a season

Every team needs a decent goalscorer. If you have two 20-goal-a-season forwards then that’s even better. But three 30+ goal-a-season players? That’s decadent beyond belief and practically cheating if you think about it. Since 2000 only seven trios have combined to score over a 100 goals in a season; and here they are… 100

QUIZ: Can you name the top international goal scorer from these countries?

The international week is upon us, so to alleviate some of the boredom that comes with it we’ve put together a rather tasty quiz for you all. Making your debut for your country is always regarded as one of the proudest moments in any footballer’s career. But to become your nation’s top

EA could be handing out FREE FIFA Ultimate Team packs THIS WEEK

FIFA Ultimate Team is celebrating its eighth birthday this week – which can only mean one thing… lots of presents for loyal FIFA fans. Although there’s no official word yet, EA estimated in August last year that an event would be taking place between March 20 – 27. In the past few years,

8 lovely retro kit designs that you’ll wish these clubs used

Everybody loves a vintage kit. And everyone we know (two people) can’t get enough of redesigned shirts. Put the two together and you’re in football heaven. But that’s exactly what Argentinian graphic designer Emilio Sansolini (who, let’s be honest, probably loves a flat white) has done with these mouth-wateringly delicious retro kit designs. And