Messi & Suarez’s secret toilet habit

The Barcelona duo have struck up quite the partnership at Camp Nou, and it appears that their understanding stretches well beyond the football field Barcelona team-mates Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez have revealed that their understanding stretches a little too far, with both admitting to peeing sitting down. On the field, a

Barca ditch 4-3-3 in tactical revolution

The Barca boss is contemplating a formation change following his side's disastrous defeat in Paris last week, as a La Liga clash with Atletico looms SPECIAL REPORT Barcelona boss Luis Enrique is considering a change in the Catalans’ traditional 4-3-3 formation after recent poor performances against Paris Saint-Germain and Leganes. After the humiliating

Barcelona fans express concerns over Lionel Messi’s future in survey

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